Registration for the 2019 WWSEF opens January 7, 2019 and closes Friday March 8, 2019.

School Entries:
Registration will require the School Contacts to "Invite" the students from their schools to participate.
The "Invitation" process generates a Registration Number that the students will need to gain access to the registration website.
Detailed registration instructions for both School Contacts and Student Participants will become available when registration opens.
The deadline for the signed Signature Pages and Registration Fee to be received by the Registrar will be a date sometime in the last half of March.

Individual Entries:
Researchers working on science fair projects independently (i.e. home-schooled or attending schools with no science fair activity) may apply directly to the Registrar to participate in the fair.
Before beginning work on a research project these prospective participants should have contacted the Registrar prior to February 1.

Before you register, you should be aware of the information available on our  Fair Information page.