Before completing the online registration application process for the Waterloo-Wellington Science & Engineering Fair (WWSEF) it is important that you have read and understood the procedures, rules and regulations of the Fair as provided on the WWSEF website ( This information is available in a series of downloadable pdf documents and HTML versions.
On the WWSEF home page click on:
  • PROJECT and FAIR INFORMATION to access the Exhibitor Manual, or the Fair Day Manual
  • PROJECT CREATION to access the Project Creation Manual

  • NB! DO NOT BEGIN ANY PROJECTS involving humans or other animals until you have approval of the WWSEF Ethics Officer

    In order to register you will need the registration number that was sent to you via an email generated by your teacher/science fair school contact or, for individual entries, the WWSEF Registrar. If you are part of a team project you will share the registration number with your partner and should complete the online registration collaboratively.

    1) If not already there, enter the WWSEF Home website (
    3) This will take you to the WWSEF Registration website. Click on Login/Registration and then on I am a participant.
    4) Enter your email address (or name if it is being used in place of an email address) and click on Begin.
    5) Enter your registration number and then click on Submit.
    Note: If you have any difficulties with your email address or access code being accepted by the Registration database your problem is most likely related to the security and/or privacy settings on your Internet browser. In your browser under Tools --> Internet Options --> Security make sure that Javascripts are enabled and under Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy make sure that All cookies are allowed (lowest setting).

    A screen will appear with a number of Registration Items in a table. You must enter the required information in each section. All fields marked with a red asterisks are mandatory. Additional instructions for each section are provided below. Be sure your project adheres to all of the Rules and Regulations of the Fair found in the Exhibitor Manual.

    Student Information
  • If you are part of a team project be sure to indicate that the number of students involved in the project is “2”. When this is done, a section for the Student 2 details will appear.
  • Enter the personal information for each student.
  • NB! In the Medical Alert field include any allergies, medical conditions or use of medical equipment such as epi-pens or inhalers of which the fair organizers should be aware. Please include the OHIP number under which you are covered as well.
  • NB! In the Special Food Requirements Field list any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

  • Emergency Contact Information - Enter the emergency contact information for each student.

    Project Information
  • Enter the details about your project in the appropriate fields.
  • If you are unsure of the appropriate Division for your project review the information on pages 4-6 in the WWSEF Exhibitor Manual OR click on the Division Selector on the screen.
  • Table Required – A standard display space on a table, sufficient to hold the maximum display size allowed for a project is provided for each project. In some cases exhibitors construct their display such that it sits on the floor; only in this case should you select “No” under Table Required.
  • Electricity Required – If you require electricity for your project select “Yes” and one standard outlet will be provided.
  • NB! Project Summary – The Project Summary or Report is an important part of your project and accounts for 5% of your overall mark. The first line of your report should be the title and the second line should be your name(s) and school, both lines left justified. Leave one blank line and then enter your report. (The report can be copied and pasted from MSWord but should be carefully checked afterward for any incorrect characters that may appear after the translation process.) The maximum number of words permitted is 600 and the minimum number is 100 and should NOT contain any raw data, nor should any graphics or tables be included. Detailed requirements for the project summary/report are provided in the WWSEF Written Research Report Manual on the PROJECT and FAIR INFORMATION page.

  • Mentor/Supervisor Information
    A mentor is generally an older person who provides significant guidance in the development of your project and/or related experimentation. For example, a mentor may be a teacher (other than your regular teacher), a graduate student, university professor, engineer, medical professional, etc. who helped you understand a challenging concept, supplied and gave instruction on the use of a specialized piece of equipment or provided access to a laboratory and supervised the work you did there. Your regular teacher who provided instruction, support and guidance as part of regular classroom work or a parent who provided materials and minor assistance would not be considered a mentor. Think of a mentor as a coach – someone with specialized skills or knowledge who assists you in developing your own abilities and/or extending your own knowledge and understanding.
  • Indicate the number of mentors that assisted you. If you indicate one or more mentors additional fields will appear.
  • Complete the required information for each mentor.

  • Safety Information
    Follow the on-screen instructions and respond to all statements.

    Double Check Your Name
  • Read and follow all of the on-screen instructions. If this is a team project it is important that your partner also check his or her name as instructed.

  • Signature Page
  • This page is only accessible once all of the above sections are complete.
  • Specific instructions are included at the end of the document.

  • Signature Page Received
  • Once the signed signature page and registration fee has been received by the registrar this section will be set to Complete by the website program.

  • Student online registration opens on Monday, January 8, 2018 and must be completed by Friday, March 9, 2018.