Question Answer
I want to do a project and enter
the science fair.
What should I do?
  1. Check the eligibility requirements in the Exhibitor Manual. Are you eligible?
  2. Do other students in your school enter the fair? If there are then you will have to work with that group because the fair limits the number of entries per school.
  3. If you the only student in your school who wants to enter the fair then contact the registrar immediately for a ruling on your eligibility?
  4. You will have to register, probably in February.
I am a teacher and want to operate a science fair in my school.
Do you have information to help me?
  1. We have a Supervisor Manual for you.
  2. Contacting the registrar might get you the name of a nearby school that has entered students in the WWSEF in the past.
My school doesn't have a science fair. Can I do a project and enter the WWSEF?

I have a student/child who wants to enter the science fair. Can that be done?
  1. Individual students can enter the Waterloo-Wellington Science and Engineering Fair provided they meet the eligibility requirements and have an adult mentor.
  2. The mentor does not have to be a teacher.
  3. If your school does have a science fair you must participate in it and be selected by the school to advance to the WWSEF.
  4. If you are an individual student applying for entry to the WWSEF you must contact the registrar before February 1.
  5. You should check the Rules and Regulations in the Fair Information Page before beginning your project.
I am a parent/teacher/mentor of a child doing a science fair project.
What help can I give?
You can give any help you want, however the student will be judged using several interviews designed to test the student's knowledge of the project. In many ways it is like a sport where you can coach and assist your child to the limit of your resources but eventually the child has to play the game without you. There are eligibility reguirements and rules and regulations which you should check. (see the Fair Information Page).
How can I judge my own project and improve it?
  1. The Judging Sheet should help you.
  2. Perhaps you could print the material and have someone "judge" your project with you.
  3. Sometimes students are disqualified because their projects are too big or break the safety rules.