The  Project Creation Manual   contains information on Selecting, Researching, Doing, Writing and Displaying the Project

The Written Research Report Manual    provides information on how to organize your report and includes sample reports.

The  Exhibitor Manual    has a lot of necessary information including:
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Eligibility
  • Categories, Divisions and Project Types
  • Regulations for Use of Humans and Animals in Projects
    DO NOT BEGIN ANY project involving HUMANS OR ANIMALS until you are familiar with the ETHICS rules. ALL projects involving ANIMALS and some involving HUMANS need to have approval from the WWSEF Ethics officer before you begin.
    Read the forms below and decide which is applicable. After reading the forms, if you have any questions, email Nadia Novikova (WWSEF Ethics officer)
    If you use Form 4.1B or 4.1C they must be sent to Nadia Novikova for approval. Form 4.1A can be given to your teacher or sent to Nadia Novikova.

  • Forms & Sample Letters for Research with Human & Animal subjects:

    Humans - Low Risk   

    Humans - Significant Risk   
    Implied Consent Form  

    Informed Consent Form  
    For the SUPERVISOR:

    The Supervisor Manual  contains the following information:
  • Registration method
  • Judging Sheet
  • Sample school science fair timeline
  • Parent Information letter sample
  • If any project involves humans or animals in any manner be sure to check the regulations and forms in the Exhibitor Manual 

  • Judging Sheet 

    Our  Fair Day Manual   (What happens At the Fair)  includes:
  • Guidelines
  • Activity schedule
  • Maps
  • Chaperone & Visitor Information
  • Transportation to the Fair
  • Management rules
    RESOURCES: (Downloads or Links)
    Using projects as part of the curriculum in Ontario:
    Grades 1-6         Grades 7-8         Grades 9-12  

    An editable sample Parent Letter  

    WWSEF Fair Posters      Black & White   Colour
    Principles and Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Precollege Education